Creative shoe photography | Inspired by everything. Shooting global footwear brands for UK retailers since 2006. 


An idea born from photographing shoes since mid 2006. Based in Somerset, shooting mainly for Footshop Ltd alongside personal freelance projects, I've photographed a huge range of brands ranging from the biggest global brands to small start-ups. My images are used online, in print for catalogues, for email campaigns and all kinds of other promotional material - these shots have reached millions of people around the world.

I take inspiration from anything and everything I see, most of the images you see here have been created with virtually no budget - it's amazing what you can build, borrow and break to create, it's only your imagination that holds you back.  

I drop new updates here on a regular basis, be sure to follow on social media where I post plenty of behind the scenes bonus photos!


Concepts, set design, lighting and retouching by Will Fahy.